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Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Like Curricular Practical Training (CPT), the work must be in the student's field of study; however, OPT is unlike CPT in several ways:

  • A student may work for one or more employers, change jobs, or look for work (up to 90 days) during the training period
  • OPT is limited to 12 months per degree level (exception for some STEM majors)

In order to learn more about the process of applying for OPT, we recommend that all students view the OPT Tutorial, available on iTerp. To view the Tutorial, please log into iTerp and select the OPT/STEM services heading. From there, please select the 'OPT I-20 Request' eform, and select 'Start a new request.' Starting a new request does NOT obligate you to apply for OPT. You may view the Tutorial and choose to/not to proceed or to begin your application at a later time.

The following links provide further detailed information on OPT.

To be eligible for OPT, you must:

  • Make periodic reports to UM regarding your employment
  • (For post completion OPT) Apply no earlier than 90 days and no later than 60 days from final academic degree requirements. (Administrative enrollment is not considered when determining final degree requirements.)

Definition of "Completion Date": Your completion date is the end of the term in which you complete all degree requirements (this includes thesis/dissertation submission). Your I-20 will be shortened to this date when you apply for OPT.

Pre-Completion (OPT beginning before completion date)

  • Part-time during the semester while remaining registered full-time
  • Full-time during annual school vacations
  • Full-time during the semester only if:
    • you are a Masters thesis-option student who has completed 6 credits of 799 by the start date of your OPT; or
    • you are a Ph.D. student who has completed 12 credits of 899 by the start date of your OPT.

Post-Completion (OPT beginning after completion date)


  • Full-time after completing your program of study

Note: Students will become eligible to apply for another 12 month period of OPT when they move to a higher degree level. Some students with a STEM major may be eligible for a one time 24-month extension if they meet certain requirements.


  • You may apply for OPT up to 90 days before the requested employment start date


  • You may apply for OPT no later than 60 days after the end of the term in which you finish all degree requirements
  • You may begin working once you receive your EAD card and you have reached the start date on your EAD card
  • You may not accumulate a total of more than 90 days of unemployment

To apply for OPT, please follow these instructions: 

  1. Sign into iTerp, select OPT/STEM Services on the left, and several options will appear. If you are interested in Post Completion OPT, click on the ‘OPT i-20 Request’ option. If you are interested in Pre-Completion OPT, click on the ‘OPT Request (Pre-Completion)’ option. 
  2. Select ‘Start a New Request’ and several required eforms will appear. Begin the OPT process by selecting the ‘OPT Tutorial.’ The OPT Tutorial is a pre-recorded session during which an ISSS staff member discusses eligibility, application process, required forms, and the student's rights and responsibilities.
  3. After you view the entire OPT Tutorial, return to iTerp and the OPT Tutorial eform. There, complete the attestation confirming when you finished viewing the Tutorial. Completion of the presentation will be confirmed.
  4. After completing the Attestation, you may proceed to the remaining required OPT eforms: The Academic advisor request and the OPT Student Application. 
  5. Once all of these eforms are complete and submitted, an ISSS advisor will review the request and process your OPT I-20. Please allow 5 business days for processing. 
  6. Upon review of your submission and approval by an ISSS advisor, you will receive an email confirmation to sign up and attend an OPT Exit Workshop. These workshops are offered multiple times a week. Sign-up information for the OPT Exit Workshop will be contained in your OPT approval email.

    Note: Keep in mind your OPT application must be received by USCIS within 30 days of the OPT I-20 creation.

  7. Prepare all remaining materials for the Application Packet  and have them ready during the OPT Exit Workshop. At this workshop, you will review the application packet together with an ISSS advisor and review required information about your responsibilities on OPT.
  8. After the Exit Workshop, prepare any remaining application materials and follow the steps below to either file the application online or by mail.

Report the start of your employment or any changes to your employment information within 10 days via iTerp.  Please click here for detailed instructions on OPT reporting requirements.

  • To report that you have begun work on OPT for the first time or to report a new employer, click OPT/STEM Services > OPT/STEM: Report New Employer Information.
    • To update details about a previously reported period of employment, click OPT/STEM Services > OPT: Update Existing Employer Information
    • Unpaid or volunteer positions at UMD cannot be used as employment while on OPT
  • Changes in Address
    • If you are actively enrolled in the University your address needs to be updated in Testudo.
    • If you are no longer enrolled at the University, update your address by logging into  iTerp and clicking on OPT/STEM Services> Address Update While on OPT
  • You are still considered to be in F-1 student status while on OPT, so any questions or concerns can be addressed by an ISSS advisor during this time
  • You may not accumulate a total of more than 90 days of unemployment on Post Completion OPT
  • If you change to a different visa status, please inform ISSS so that your record may be updated
  • If you terminate your OPT early, please inform ISSS so that your record may be updated
  • You will probably be required to pay federal, state and local taxes. For more information, please visit the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) website

You may travel while on OPT. However, please keep in mind that you are still in F-1 status and that you will need the following in order to re-enter the U.S.:

  • A valid travel signature on your most current I-20 (within 6 months of re-entry)
  • Your unexpired EAD
  • A letter from your employer indicating that you currently hold a job in your field of study and will be returning to the U.S. to resume employment
  • A valid passport
  • A valid F-1 visa
  • Only part-time study, not towards a degree, is allowed on OPT.
  • You may decide to apply to another academic program, either at UMD or another university. However, once you are admitted to another degree program, it is important to discuss the situation with an ISSS advisor, as the issuance of a new I-20 will effect/terminate your OPT. If you are admitted to a degree program at another university, ISSS must transfer your I-20 to that institution so they may issue a new I-20 for you.
  • If you are in a STEM eligible major, please visit our STEM extension webpage for more information on how to apply for this benefit. 
  • If an H-1B application is pending or approved for your H-1B cap-subject employer, you may continue your employment until your employment start date (October 1 of the following fiscal year) or until your application is denied. You will need an updated I-20 from ISSS to prove your work authorization during this period.
  • If your H-1B application is pending or approved for your H-1B cap-subject employer, but the H-1B petition has been receipted after your OPT authorization has expired but during your 60-day grace period, you may be allowed to stay in the US. You are not authorized to work until the H-1B petition is approved and goes into effect October 1.
  • If your H-1B is approved for Consular processing, you are not eligible for Cap Gap. You need to inform ISSS by completing the Exit Plan eform in iTerp.
  • You are entitled to a 60-day grace period beyond the last day of training as indicated on your EAD. You may not work during your 60-day grace period. You will need to notify ISSS if you plan to start or transfer to another program after your OPT.

Premium processing provides expedited processing on Form I-765 for an additional governmental fee. In exchange for the additional fee, USCIS guarantees that it will take some adjudicative action (approval, denial, request for evidence, notice of intent to deny) within 30 calendar days. Visit our premium processing page for more information.

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