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Change of Status to H-1B

Are you currently in F-1 status and the recipient of an approved H-1B petition?

If so, congratulations on your change of status!

Please review the following information about completing your reporting requirements and ending the F-1 status:

For students who have an approved USCIS I-797 showing that the H-1B: In order to close out your F-1 immigration status, we would recommend taking the following steps on before the start date of your H-1B (you may lose your access to the iTerp system shortly after your H-1B begins, so it is recommended to do this before the start date):

  • Upload a copy of your I-797 approval notice. Please log on to iTerp and in the “F-1 Student Services” menu, fill out the “Exit Plan” form. Select that you will “Change Status to another non-immigrant or immigrant status” and that you are “Waiting Final approval of my visa category change”. You can then upload the I-797 approval notice (make sure it is the one that shows that the H-1B petition has been approved).
  • ALL STUDENTS ON OPT OR STEM EXTENSION: Report the end date of your employment. Please log on to iTerp and in the “OPT/STEM Services” menu, report the end date of your OPT employment using the “OPT: Update Existing Employer Information” form. You will record the end date of your employment on OPT as September 30 or earlier if your H-1B begins before this date.
  • ALL STUDENTS ON STEM EXTENSION: Upload your I-983 with final evaluation. Please log on to iTerp and in the “OPT/STEM Services” menu, fill out the “STEM: I-983 Final Evaluation” form. Upload your I-983 with the final evaluation completed. Please make sure you upload a document that includes sections 1, 2, 3 and has the final evaluation completed and signed by your employer.

Please note that your H-1B begins as of the start date indicated on your I-797. On this date you are officially in H-1B status and the University of Maryland will no longer be your visa sponsor. While you should save your I-20s as part of your historical immigration record, you will no longer need the I-20 when traveling and will not require a travel signature. Please refer to your employer’s immigration attorney or staff for any questions you have about your H-1B visa status.

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