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Consulting, Training & Workshops

Whether you are looking to draft your department’s Global Learning for All plan, design a new international program, explore the next steps in your own global journey, or just want to be up to date with the latest trends and conversations in international education, the global learning professionals in the Office of International Affairs are committed to supporting your needs and finding solutions to your internationalization challenges. 

Find out more about our consulting, training, and workshops below or contact us to inquire about customized services.  

We know that Global Learning for All will only become a reality if it is pursued in an intentional, systematic, and strategic way. We know that for the strategy to be successful it needs to be developed with and by its stakeholders, customized to the needs of each academic unit and adapted to the profile of their discipline and students. Our global learning professionals work with campus units to create internationalization strategies or Global Learning for All plans. We also design global programs that align with your goals and support the needs of your students, and develop global partnerships that match your aspirations.         
Contact us at to learn more about our consulting work.

Our China Affairs experts provide advisory services to the university community on ongoing or potential partnerships or business dealings with Chinese higher education institutions, businesses, government, and other organizations. We advise on various aspects of contemporary China (from general higher education questions to research partnerships), assist with travel preparation, and connect you with partner institutions in China, as well as help with your hosting of visitors coming from China.         
For more information, please contact Jeannette Dai-Wang at

Are you planning to lead a study abroad program taking Maryland students to a foreign country? Want to host international students and scholars? Need to sharpen your intercultural communication skills? 
Explore upcoming training programs and events that will help support your global engagement. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us to discuss a new training!

In addition to the training we offer to the university community, we also run global training programs for executive education.  Through lectures, case studies, discussions, site visits to government agencies and private organizations in the Washington, D.C. area and the northeastern United States, global leaders can focus on issues of public needs that result from economic growth, rapid urbanization, growing energy demands, technological advances, and globalization of markets. For more information, please contact Jeannette Dai-Wang, GLI associate director of programming.

Throughout the academic year, we invite campus, national, and international experts to share their knowledge with the Maryland community in support of our global engagement efforts. From collaborative brainstorming to international partnering events, fostering international student success or developing project-based global learning, our sessions help you stay up to date with the latest conversations in international education, build community with like minded colleagues, and advance your own global engagement. 

Find out more about our workshops.

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