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Fellowships & Scholarships

Looking for fellowship and scholarship opportunities? We're proud to share that we extend a diverse array of offerings for our community, domestic and international alike. If you have other questions, reach out to at any time to request an appointment. 

National Scholarships

The National Scholarships Office (NSO) at the University of Maryland exists to provide undergraduates with the best possible information, guidance and support as they learn about and apply for national scholarships. Explore NSO resources to find a funding opportunity that can help you achieve your global learning goals.

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Education Abroad Scholarships

Looking specifically for assistance to afford a study abroad opportunity? Our Education Abroad office has curated information to help you get started. 

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Global Learning at Home Scholarships & Awards

Our office of Global Learning Initiatives is committed to increasing student access to international education opportunities. Check out these funding opportunities that help you access global learning experiences without having to leave campus. 

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Fulbright Opportunities 

Fulbright provides a range of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in global learning, teaching and research experiences, ranging from public policy and digital storytelling fellowships to research grants and English teaching assistantships. 

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