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For Departments

ISSS assists departments host international hires and visitors. We can answer your questions on how to invite an international scholar to the University of Maryland. In addition, we provide guidance and support for international visitors on academics, employment and community life.

ISSS is authorized by the University of Maryland to sign all U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services immigration documents on its behalf. ISSS also serves as a sponsor of the Department of State’s J-1 Exchange Visitor Program.

The inviting/employing department must start the visa process. The International Visitor/Hire Checklist will help you identify the documents you will need to submit to ISSS to start the immigration application. The J1 Data Collection form or H1B Data Collection form will help your international visitor gather the information they will need to provide to you.

If you still have questions, schedule an appointment with one of our advisors in the Faculty & Scholar Team. 

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