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Financial Commitment

Financial Commitment

Once accepted, you will need to commit to the program in MyEA by the stated deadline.

Once you commit to a study abroad program, you agree to pay the entire Program Fee, Application Fee, EA Fee, and International Insurance. The types of fees you are committing to paying are defined as follows:

The Program Fee includes the operating costs associated with hiring and paying instructors, renting out classrooms, purchasing instructional materials, student housing, program activities, and in-country transportation, depending upon the program. EA will make a reasonable effort to recover as many expenses as possible from the vendors we work with in the event of a withdrawal, but many costs are paid in advance on your behalf. You should, however, assume that most, if not all of the costs associated with the Program Fee are non-recoverable after you commit to a program.    

The EA Fee covers the salaries of EA staff as well as all costs related to the operations of the Education Abroad office. The EA Fee is non-refundable, except if a program is canceled or under extenuating circumstances.

The Application Fee is also used to cover EA operations, and it is only refundable to students if EA cancels the program.

International insurance provides health coverage while abroad. This insurance also covers expenses related to emergency evacuations. In the event of a withdrawal before the program start date, the insurance fee would be fully refundable.

Withdrawal Process

If you decide to withdraw after you commit to a study abroad program, you must take these following steps:  

  1. Complete the withdrawal form and send it immediately to The longer you take to complete and send the form to EA, the less likely we will be able to recover any of your Program Fee. Communicating your decision to withdraw from your program to the program leader or an EA staff member is not sufficient. Your withdrawal is only recognized after EA receives the completed form by e-mail from you directly.  
  2. Once you submit the form, you will receive an email from EA confirming your withdrawal. If you are participating in an affiliate program or other approved program, also contact your program provider and notify them immediately that you are withdrawing from the program in order to recover any portion of their Program Fee. 

Steps EA will take after you withdraw.

  1. EA will withdraw your application in MyEA, cancel your international health insurance, adjust your study abroad registration in Testudo, rescind any EA scholarships awarded to you, and notify the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA). OSFA will contact you directly if you are required to repay federal, state, or institutional assistance.
  2. EA will identify any refundable expenses associated with your program withdrawal and will return that amount to you. EA will email to inform you of your total financial obligation for the program.

There are two different types of withdrawal: Student withdrawal and EA withdrawal. The following describes various types under each category: 

Student initiated withdrawal from a program for any reason by submitting the withdrawal form.

  1. Withdrawal due to Visa issues: If you are denied a visa from the embassy/consulate for whatever reason, including that your visa application was not submitted or processed correctly, you may be eligible for a partial refund. 
  2. Voluntary withdrawal for any other reason.

Non-voluntary withdrawal is initiated by the Education Abroad office. The student does not need to complete the EA form. Non-voluntary withdrawals include: 

  1. Program cancellation:  If a program is canceled prior to the start date, EA will withdraw you from the program and will fully refund the Program Fee, the EA Fee, International Insurance and the Application Fee.
  2. Program curtailment: If a program is cut short by UMD while in progress, EA will determine and return a share of the program fee.
  3. Violation of UMD Code of Conduct: If you are in violation of the UMD Code of Student Conduct,  EA may rescind your offer of admission to a program or dismiss a student from a program in progress. If your offer of admission is rescinded, EA will return as much of the Program Fee as possible. If you violate the code of conduct while abroad, you may be dismissed from the program and will have to return home immediately at your own expense.
  4. Failure to comply with Foreign Country’s Vaccine/Testing Requirements: Students are responsible for securing the appropriate vaccines and tests required for entry into a foreign country. If you do not comply with the health laws of the foreign country, you will not be allowed to enter the country and will have to return home. You may also not be able to board the airplane to travel to the foreign country. 
  5. Failure to Communicate and/or Comply with UMD officials or policy: EA retains the right to process an administrative withdrawal and rescind any offer of admission or endorsement for a student who:
    1. Ceases communication with EA and/or is unresponsive to repeated requests for necessary information or action by EA or UMD officials.
    2. Fails to comply with required UMD, EA or partner institution procedural requirements.
    3. Fails to comply with required University, UMD, EA, or partner institution health and safety policies.
    4. Fails to resolve registration blocks (including financial and judicial)

Appeal for Refund 

Students with extenuating circumstances can file an appeal by taking the following steps: 

  1. Complete and submit the Appeal Form, including uploading any supporting documentation within 10 business days of receiving your email that notifies you of your financial liability due to your withdrawal. EA only accepts appeals from students but will accept appeals from parents or guardians financially supporting the program if circumstances prevent the student from doing so. 
  2. EA will notify you of its decision to accept or deny the appeal within 10 business days from the date the appeal form is received.
  3. If you have withdrawn from an affiliate or approved program, you must also follow the provider’s own separate appeal procedures, if available.

Qualifying Extenuating Circumstance

Required Supporting Documentation

Physical or mental health circumstances that prevent you from studying abroad.

Letter from a licensed physician indicating that you cannot study abroad due to health circumstances.

Family medical emergencies, such as surgery, diagnosis of long-term illness, and hospitalization.

Letter from a licensed physician.

lllness or death of an immediate family member (parent, grandparent, guardian, sibling, child, spouse, or registered domestic partner).

Letter from a licensed physician or death certificate.

Activation of military duty.

Official letter from superior officer.

Unforeseen changes in financial aid package or in personal finances due to unforeseen circumstances, such as parent unemployment or high medical bills.

Official letter documenting change in financial aid package, unemployment letter, or copy of medical bills.

Legal issues or immigration status issues that might keep you from studying abroad.

Letter from licensed attorney or ISSS.

In most cases, EA is unable to refund costs the University is unable to recover from external partners (e.g. vendor payments, housing, transportation). Students are encouraged to consider CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) or similar travel insurance options to protect their financial liability.

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