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Program Comparison

Program Type

Academic Credit

Applicable Financial Aid


How to Apply

Maryland-in & Maryland-led

100% resident credit or mix of resident credit and transfer


Federal, State & University aid; Tuition remission; Terp payment plan

Program fee and EA Fee charged to student account

Apply directly on MyEA


100% transfer credit

Federal, State & University aid; Tuition remission; Terp payment plan

In-state and Out-of-State tuition, EA fee, Tech fee and insurance charged to student account

Apply on MyEA for a nomination, then apply to exchange university

Affiliate programs

Primarily transfer credit, there may be select opportunity to earn resident credit

Federal, State & University aid; Tuition remission; Terp payment plan

Program fee and EA Fee charged to student account

Receive UMD approval, then apply to provider

Other approved programs

100% transfer credit

Federal, State & University aid

Not applicable: State aid; Tuition remission; Terp payment plan

Student pays program fee directly to provider

EA Fee and insurance billed to student account

Receive UMD approval, then apply to sponsor

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Cost, Fees and Billing information

Program Types

Maryland-in programs

Study abroad on a Maryland Semester, or "Maryland-in" program, and live and learn in a global context with the support of a UMD community. Push the boundaries of your comfort zone and boost your resume by living in an apartment or homestay, earning credit through an international internship, or joining a club abroad. We craft Maryland-in programs to appeal to students with a variety of academic and professional goals by offering a wide array of resident credit courses where the credit from overseas is seamlessly incorporated into your UMD transcript. On site,  you have added support from a UMD faculty or affiliated resident director, who provides you with guidance and oversees the program. 


Maryland-led programs

Maryland-led programs are offered during the winter, summer and spring break and led by UMD faculty and staff. Form lasting bonds with UMD faculty and students while participating in immersive experiences such as site visits, international internships, service-learning opportunities and research projects. Earn resident credit abroad, stay on track with your four year plan and apply these credits to your major, minor, or general education requirements.

Non-UMD students, non-degree seeking applicants, UMD alumni and recent graduates should also view the FAQs for Non-UMD Students.



Exchange programs

As an exchange student, you will push your boundaries by directly enrolling at one of UMD's partner universities while living and learning with students from your host country. Exchanges are one of the most affordable study abroad options and will allow you to take advantage of excellent academic programs around the globe while paying the equivalent of your UMD tuition. What's more is that you will be part of a growing global community of exchange students, including those who come to study at UMD.



Affiliate programs

Education Abroad (EA) affiliate's with numerous study abroad programs administered by schools or organizations outside of UMD in order to give you the most flexibility in choosing a program that fits your interests and goals. Affiliate programs represent providers with whom we have formal billing and course transfer agreements. The program fee for these programs will be billed to your UMD Testudo account. Though most credits from Affiliate programs will be transfer credit, some offer the opportunity for resident credit. 



Other approved programs

To provide you with additional options to study abroad, EA approves other programs outside of Maryland-in, Exchanges, and Affiliate programs. On these programs, all credits you earn will appear as transfer credits on your UMD transcript. Programs on our approved list are reviewed to ensure that they are academically accredited and have proper student services and program support in place. If you wish to participate in a program that is not on our list of Other Approved Programs, please contact the EA advisor for your college.





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