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Cost, Fees & Billing

Investing in Global Education

As with any investment, you should aim to understand the costs of study abroad. Costs associated with studying abroad include tuition, fees, accommodations, transportation, and travel expenses. Please note that cost of attendance can vary greatly among programs depending on the program type, location, and length. 

To better understand how the cost of studying abroad compares to the cost of studying at UMD, you can use the cost of attendance comparison worksheet. As always, your Global Learning Advisor is available to help you complete this worksheet and find affordable programs that fit your study abroad goals.

Costs of Studying Abroad

All program types have the below costs associated. 

$25 paid through MyEA

Charged to your student account after commitment to the program.​

  • $700 summer, winter, spring break
  • $1,750 semester
  • $2,250 academic year 

Charged to student account approximately one month before departure. Below are estimates of insurance costs - exact costs vary by program length and location.

  • ~$26 spring break
  • ~$50 summer & winter
  • ~$250- semester programs up to 5 months
  • ~$500- year programs up to 10 months

Not billed to student account

  • Passport and visa fees
  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Books and class materials
  • Personal expenses (entertainment, personal travel, etc.)
  • Meals not included in program fee

Program Specific Expenses

Study abroad costs vary based on the type of program you attend. All programs have an associated program fee, but what is included and how you will be billed for the costs can be viewed below.

  • UMD students participating in an Exchange program have the benefit of paying UMD full time tuition rates to attend an institution abroad.
  • Housing- out of pocket 

Cost of Attendance Chart

  • Program Fee
    • Maryland-in program fees are charged to student accounts
    • Includes tuition, fees, on-site support, pre-departure and on-site orientation, and guaranteed housing placement
    • Some course related activities and materials may be included. Please see the cost sheet of the specific program for complete details
  • Housing
    • Housing arranged by UMD will be billed to student accounts. All other housing/lodging arrangements will be paid out of pocket.
  • Affiliate programs have a billing agreement with EA, meaning your program fee will be billed directly to your student account. Billing for Affiliate programs may not follow the standard UMD billing timeline due to variations in invoicing.
  • Out of pocket expenses could include: 
    • Provider/host application fee
    • Program deposit
    • Housing not included in program fee

  • Most expenses for Other Approved Programs will be paid out of pocket to the third party provider or to the host institution. These costs vary depending on the program destination and may need to be paid before financial aid is disbursed.
  • Out of pocket expenses could include: 
    • Provider/host application fee
    • Program deposit
    • Tuition and student fees
    • Housing
  • Program Fee
    • Maryland-led program fees are charged to student accounts.
    • Includes tuition for UMD course, housing, fees, instructional costs, as well as some in-country transportation, course related activities, and group meals.
    • Please see the cost sheet of the specific program for complete details of billable costs.


Fees from Education Abroad charged directly to your student account will follow standard UMD billing timelines unless otherwise stated.

The chart below indicates the general billing timeline for program fees and the EA fee:


Program Fee Billed

Program Fee Bill Due

EA Fee Billed

EA Fee Bill Due

Fall and Full Year

July 25

August 20

First week of June

July 20


November 25

December 20

First week of November

December 20

Spring and Spring Break

December 25

January 20

First week of November

December 20

Summer I

May 25

June 20

First week of May

June 20

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