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Going Abroad

Prepare for your time abroad. 

Now that you’ve committed to a program, learn what you need to do to prepare for your study abroad experience. 

Once you commit to your program, there are some important materials you will need to complete in your MyEA portal, such as passport details, health information, and more. As you complete items, they will get checked off in MyEA. Some of these materials need to be completed by a certain date and will result in a late fee if not completed on time, so be sure to note when items are due and stay on top of all of your program’s requirements.

All of your courses abroad need to be approved for credit transfer, and the study abroad course pre-approval form (or “SACA”) is the formal process to determine if and how your ideal courses abroad come back to UMD and how they apply to your degree. After you commit to a program, your Global Learning Advisor will contact you with instructions for how to complete your SACA form. You will also share this with your academic advisor(s) to see if and how the courses will count towards your major(s), minor(s), and other degree requirements. 


Course Selection, Credit Types & Approval

You are required to attend a pre-departure orientation that will supplement online resources in MyEA. Global Learning Advisors and study abroad alumni will present on topics such as health and safety, academics, billing, course registration, travel documentation, and culture. This is also a great opportunity to meet other students who will be studying on your program or in your host country! 


Health & Safety

You may need a visa or residence permit to study abroad, depending on your host country, your length of stay, nationality, area of study, and intention to work, intern, or volunteer abroad. Your Global Learning Advisor can help you find resources but you are responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa.


Passport & Visa

Before you leave, make sure you tie up any loose ends at home or on campus, whether that’s booking your flight, canceling your meal plan, or planning out your packing list. This may look different for everyone, depending on your program and personal situation, so stay in touch with your Global Learning Advisor about what final steps you may need to take before departure. 

Once you have completed all necessary forms, booked your flight, packed your bags, and kissed your loved ones goodbye, you are ready for your study abroad adventure! 

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