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Eight students look out into the Mediterranean Sea from the shore in Nice, France.

Academic Accommodations Abroad

Make the most of your studies and get to know the academic culture of your study abroad program.​ Be mindful that course instruction, faculty advising, and grading may all be different from what you are used to at UMD. This is an important part of your cultural experience. If needed, ask for help early on. Talk to your program instructors, and make use of academic services like study groups, on-site tutoring, and other resources to help you do well. ​

ADA Abroad

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not apply outside of the U.S. It is important to be aware of the level of accessibility of your host location and what reasonable accommodations will be available to you. 

For students studying abroad on UMD partner programs (exchanges, affiliate and approved programs), Education Abroad will work with your host institution to determine what accommodations will be possible. Making an educated decision based on this information is the responsibility of the student.

UMD accommodations do apply to UMD programs (Maryland-in and short-term faculty-led programs). Be aware that many accommodations take significant planning to implement, so it is important to work with the ADS team and your EA advisor and make an educated decision based on this information. Although classroom accommodations can be implemented, in some cases the host country may still be inaccessible depending on the disability. 

How do I Register for Accommodations While I’m Abroad?

Any student with a documented disability is eligible to apply for reasonable accommodations. Your first step should be to register with UMD’s Accessibility and Disability Services (ADS). If you are unsure, please check in with your EA Advisor to discuss your needs. You may also want to discuss any applicable healthcare needs with a healthcare professional well in advance of your departure date. We encourage you to use this conversation guide in those discussions. You will also receive messaging from Education Abroad if you have self-disclosed that you have a disability for which you will need accommodations abroad to ensure that your planning is on track.

Because of the significant time needed to register for services and ensure they can be implemented abroad, it is very important to get in contact with ADS as early as possible.

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