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The Education Abroad team is there to help you find funding. But along with reaching out to others, do your own work and be proactive. If there are scholarships that you find out about, start working on those applications ASAP and keep track of deadlines. You can do it and don't lose hope!

Alyssa Taylor in a black rain jacket sitting by a lake in South Korea
Alyssa T. Gilman Recipient | UMD Exchange: Seoul National University (Korea) | Government & Politics, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Read more of Alyssa's advice

Studying abroad doesn’t have to be for the privileged few. Many organizations, including the University of Maryland, offer scholarships opportunities that are specifically geared towards studying abroad to offset costs and reduce student loan debt. You could be eligible for thousands of dollars in scholarship funding!

scholarship funding available from UMD Education Abroad
Gilman Guarantee

UMD Education Abroad Scholarships

Apply for the UMD EA Scholarship when you submit your study abroad application!

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National & General Scholarships

Apply for national scholarships administered by the U.S Government and organizations across the U.S. committed to expanding access to study abroad.

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Scholarships by program or country

Participation in study abroad in certain programs or countries can make you eligible for certain funding awards. 

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Step-by-step guide for creating a successful scholarship application

Review scholarships through UMD Education Abroad, on the national level or by program/destination to get an idea of what you’re eligible for. Be sure to keep track of deadlines!

Schedule a meeting with a Global Learning Advisor who can discuss scholarship funding opportunities with you.

Visit the Writing Center to strengthen your essay. Students applying for the Gilman Scholarship should visit the National Scholarships Office for feedback and to receive the $2,500 Gilman Guaranteed Award. 

Determine if official transcripts or letters of recommendation are required for your scholarship applications. Get these documents as soon as possible before the application deadlines. 

Submit all of your scholarship applications by the deadline. Keep in mind that some are due by a specific time (check the time zone). Do not wait until the last minute!

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