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Terps Abroad Stories

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Antoinette Uzamere smiles while holding a drink at an Italian restaurant at night

Finding Home Away from Home: Antoinette's semester with Maryland-in-Florence (ARCH)

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Jordan takes a selfie at a canal in Amsterdam

Building Community While Abroad: Jordan Bellamy's exchange in Amsterdam

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John smiling in front of the Prague skyline

Working With Local Students to Solve a Town’s Traffic Congestion: John Meyers’s Winter in the Czech Republic

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Our Terps are abroad 365 days of the year learning invaluable cross cultural skills, engaging with new cultures and expanding their perspectives. Discover what it’s like to study abroad and join our Terps Abroad community with tips and wisdom from students just like you

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  • Sophia Wooden on Maryland-in-Barcelona

    "I grew a lot in my cross cultural business skills and in my Spanish speaking skills while abroad. My network expanded when I embraced the community around me."

  • First Time Traveler & SLLC Sophomore N’deye Diop Thrives in Korea

    Wondering what studying abroad might look like if you’ve never been on a plane? Meet N’deye Diop ‘26, Arabic student, first-time traveler, Black and Muslim woman. Diop shares her experience with Winter at Yonsei and advice for other students like her.

  • Elana Naide's semester in South Africa with CIEE

    "Throughout my semester, I built a support system for myself, with space to talk about experiences and to ask questions. I also watched and became a part of communities, and eventually the 8000 miles between me and my home felt like zero because my community in Cape Town felt just like one."

  • Jordan Bellamy's exchange with Amsterdam University College

    "I am one of those people who never thought they'd study abroad. I'm here to tell you that it is not only possible, but it is the most enriching experience that I have ever had in my life."

  • Alexys Lopez on UMD-Winter: Italy (CLAS/ARTH)

    "I had a level of independence that allowed me to explore Italy at my own pace, but still, a community of my peers to socialize with. The perfect mix of support and freedom helped me get the most immersive experience while learning new course material."

  • Franz N. Stuppard on UMD-Winter: Nicaragua

    "I was fortunate to serve in the military and be stationed overseas, particularly in Europe. Going to Nicaragua did not provide any unusual challenge; however, I was able to guide the new students with some cultural adjustments."

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