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UMD students exploring Accra, Ghana. They walk along a white, stone balcony past vibrant bright doors and shutters.

Identity, Diversity & Inclusion

Education Abroad is proud of our diverse community of Terps Abroad and wants to celebrate and support the many identities of our students. We recognize that your social identity/ies can influence, impact or be impacted by a study abroad experience and believe that it’s important to give careful consideration to these topics ahead of time.

To help you along, we encourage you to visit the pages linked below that include resources and questions for you to consider as you plan for your study abroad experience. As always, we invite you to speak with your Education Abroad Advisor about these and other topics - we are here to help!

Four students celebrating a the Copenhagen Pride Parade. They wear rainbow leis and clothes.

LGBTQ+ Students

Resources to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) students abroad. 

For LGBTQ+ Students
UMD student in Tanzania smiles from the top of a mountain. She wears a Maryland sweatshirt and baseball cap.

First Generation College Students

Resources to support first generation college students abroad. 

For First Generation College Students Abroad
Two UMD students smile at a scenic viewpoint.

Students of Color

Resources to support students of color abroad. 

For Students of Color
UMD student poses in front of a temple in Thailand.

Students with Disabilities

Resources to support students with disabilities abroad. 

For Students with Disabilities Abroad
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