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Incidental Employment

All J-1 exchange visitors may engage only in the approved activities and at the specific location for which their DS-2019 was issued. As a J-1 exchange visitor, you may be eligible to participate in occasional lectures or short-term consultations, but you must obtain authorization in writing from ISSS before the start of the activity. Please refer to the following conditions and procedures for obtaining this approval.


The proposed occasional lectures or short-term consultations must:

  • Be directly related to the objectives of your Exchange Visitor program;
  • Be incidental to your primary program activities; and
  • Not delay the completion of your Exchange Visitor program.

Only exchange visitors in the Professor, Research Scholar, or Short-term Scholar categories may participate in incidental employment. J-1 Trainees and J-1 Student Interns are not eligible for incidental employment.


To obtain authorization for incidental employment, please complete the steps below 30 days prior to participating in the proposed activity.

  1. Meet with your department host/supervisor to confirm their support of your proposed activity.
  2. In iTerp, submit the J-1 Scholar Incidental Employment. Upload the offer letter for the incidental employment/proposed activity.  This letter should be on official letterhead and include the following details:​
    • Location of the incidental employment
    • Duration (start and end dates)
    • Number of hours
    • Field or subject
    • Amount of compensation
    • Describe the proposed activity​
  3. ​Enter your UMD department host/supervisor name and email.  iTerp will automatically send an email to your UMD department host/supervisor for explanation as to how the incidental employment will enhance your J-1 program. ​
  4. ISSS will review the request and, if approved, we will prepare a letter authorizing the incidental employment.  You will present this letter as authorization to receive pay for the activity. Please keep a copy of the letter for your records.
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