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Types of Courses

Global Classrooms experiences are available every term and range from immersive, project-based Signature courses to several modalities of global engagement-focused Connections that exist as short-term programs or embedded elements within regular Maryland courses. Explore new ways of engaging and collaborating across diverse, multi-cultural environments in the virtual space.

Global Classrooms Signature Courses

Offerings may be available in the spring, winter, fall and summer.

These courses enable you to collaborate with classmates, faculty and communities from 25+ partner universities around the world on virtual, project-based coursework that addresses global challenges. Whether you’re helping to advance healthcare in Bangladesh, design agricultural technology in Liberia, or create an AI language app in Ecuador, Global Classrooms Signature Courses empower you to have a global impact without leaving home! 

Global Classrooms Connections Courses

Connections offer a range of virtual learning opportunities, including one-class experiences, multi-day sessions embedded within courses, or winter/summer term-length courses.

All of these virtual experiences are intentionally designed to facilitate meaningful connection with global topics, experts and/or partners, going beyond the typical online class experience to help students grow cross-cultural competencies. 

Hear from our Terps about their Global Classrooms experience!

Overall, my Global Classrooms experience was a transformative journey of personal and intellectual growth. It taught me the importance of global cooperation, cultural sensitivity, and diplomacy in addressing our world's most pressing public health and One Health issues. I emerged from the program with a deeper appreciation for diversity and a renewed commitment to being an active global citizen.

Jasmine Nuako
Jasmine Nuako MIEH607/407, Summer 2023

Questions & Contact Information

For general questions, contact the Global Learning Initiatives team at

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