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Global Classrooms

Global Classrooms are an innovative way to gain international experience, virtually, from wherever you are! We want you to join forward-thinking students and faculty from Maryland and international peer institutions to gain real-world skills while collaborating on global challenges and designing contributive solutions for meaningful impact.

These experiences are available every term and range from immersive, project-based Signature courses to global engagement-focused Connections that exist as short-term programs or within other Maryland courses. Explore new ways of engaging and collaborating across diverse, multi-cultural environments in the virtual space.

Map of the world with the words "Global Classrooms, engage from wherever you are" written above it.

Maryland Students

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain the skills necessary to thrive in our increasingly diverse and interconnected world, all while sticking to your academic plan. Talk to your academic advisor to see how Global Classrooms courses can fit into your academic plan. Don't forget to take a look at the International Education Scholarship, a need-based scholarship available for Maryland students enrolled in Global Classrooms winter and summer courses.

Non-Maryland Students

Find out the different ways you can register for Global Classrooms courses. 


Global Classrooms can support your teaching, service and research agenda by:

  • Creating global connections between your research, teaching and service
  • Advancing institutional internationalization goals 
  • Maintaining and strengthening your research networks and partnerships
  • Enhancing future study abroad programming
  • Increasing student exposure to global research and networks, providing alternatives to U.S.-centered policy, practice and ideas
  • Providing access to global opportunities for students

Developing a Global Classrooms course means access to workshops, design sprints, grants and consultations that help you in the course development process. Are you a faculty member interested in developing a Global Classrooms course or curious to learn more about the process? Fill out the Global Learning Interest Form or send us an email to

Questions & Contact Information

For general questions, please contact the Global Learning Initiatives team at

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