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Universal Global Learning Pilot Project

Project Details

Grand challenges, such as food insecurity, climate change, infectious diseases, and authoritarianism, are imperiling all of us, but especially disenfranchised and marginalized communities. At Maryland, we are committed to equipping every student with the knowledge, empathy, and experiences to help address these challenges. Global Learning for All only becomes a reality if we pursue it. 

"Universal Global Learning: A Common Agenda for Global Justice" (UGL) is a pilot project, funded by Fearlessly Forward Teaching and Learning Grant, aimed at advancing "Global Learning for All" Maryland students, and preparing them to address these existential crises. To succeed in this goal, OIA's office of Global Learning Initiatives will continue to work with each college and school to create its own bespoke global learning strategy at scale through 2024.

Who is participating in UGL?

For Academic Year 2022-2023, the office of Global Learning Initiatives (GLI) is piloting this initiative with five academic units: College Park Scholars, Government and Politics, the iSchool, School of Public Health, and the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

What are the expected deliverables from each participating academic unit?

  1. Global Learning for All plan. A tailored, program-specific plan to advance global learning for all students as it relates to UMD's Common Agenda for International Education and the commitments of UMD's Fearlessly Forward Strategic Plan. The plan will utilize diverse global learning modalities (in-person/virtual, domestic/abroad, curricular/co- and extra-curricular).
  2. Global Learning Project-Based Modules. Each unit will design and pilot two global learning project-based modules in two (or three) courses during the Spring semester of 2023.
  3. Common Set of Recommendations. Each unit will contribute insights that will help inform other campus units to design and implement their own Global learning for All plan. 

Our Previous Participants


Course code

Course Name

Robert Koulish & Justine DeCamillis


Justice and the Law Service-Learning Lab

Sarah Kilmer


College Park Scholars: International Studies - Service-Learning Practicum

Stacy Kosko


College Park Scholars: International Studies First-Year Colloquium II

Darren Pierre


Introduction to Leadership in Engineering, Science, and Technology

Birthe Veno Kjellerup


Green Global Challenge

Janelle Wong


Special Topics in Government and Politics; Asian American Politics

Conny Kazungu Sigel


Global Environmental Politics

Beth Bonsignore


Do Good Now (iSchool version)

Andrew Fellows


Information Science Capstone

TJ Rainsford


Information Science Capstone

Lis Maring


Teaching Menstrual Health

Laura Drew


Introduction to Global Health

Questions & Contact Information

For general questions, contact the Global Learning Initiatives team at

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