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H-1B Transfer

H-1B: Transfer in to UMD

Once you receive an offer letter, the department will submit an H-1B request to ISSS in iTerp.

An ISSS advisor will reach out to you and the department to schedule a kickoff meeting to review the H-1B process and your immigration history.

An H-1B change of employer process is identical in paperwork requirements as it is for an initial H-1B. H-1B regulations allow employees already holding H-1B status to begin employment with a new employer once the new petition is filed with USCIS, but no earlier than the start date of the petition. To prepare for your H-1B transfer, please refer to our H-1B process and how to Get Started.

H-1B: Transfer out of UMD

International faculty should inform their department supervisor and ISSS if they plan to transfer to another institution prior to the expiration date of their current H-1B status.

When an H-1B employee resigns before the end date on their I-797 approval notice, ISSS is required to notify the US Department of Labor and USCIS. Your hiring department will submit an H-1B Termination Notice in iTerp and inform us of your transfer.

10-day grace period: DHS may in its discretion grant a 10-day grace period before and after the validity period of the H-1B petition. The 10-day grace period after the authorized H-1B approval notice on the Form I-797 is granted on a discretionary, case by case basis by DHS. It is important for H-1B employees to check their I-94 arrival record after each trip abroad, to confirm their end date of authorized stay in H-1B status.

60-day grace period: Regulations permit a discretionary grace period that allows H-1B employees (and their dependents) to be considered as having maintained status following the end of employment for up to 60 consecutive calendar days or until the end of the authorized validity period (I-797 approval notice end date), whichever is shorter. 

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