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International Student Advisory Board


The ISAB is a group of international student representatives selected to serve as a sounding board for ISSS and other campus units. Members are expected to foster and maintain strong relationships with international student organizations and UMD international students to understand their lived experience and challenges. In turn, members possess the ability to collect and share information as necessary. This board is solutions-oriented and seeks to empower students to develop solutions to the identified challenges of international students on our campus. 

You may contact board members at

Meet the 2023-24 ISAB Members  

Vrishin Patel

Vrishin Patel

Hi there! I'm Vrishin, an international student from Botswana, a scenic country located just above South Africa. While my roots stretch back to India, my family has been in Botswana for two generations, making me feel much more African than Indian.

I'm currently in my junior year, majoring in Computer Science - it's a challenging field, but I love it. When I'm not immersed in coding or algorithms, you'll usually find me engaged in sports. I'm an avid cricket player, and also quite the football enthusiast.

And by football, I mean soccer for my friends across the pond. I’m a massive Barcelona fan, specifically drawn to their style of play. It's the Johan Cruyff era that made me fall in love with the club. The fluidity, control, and total football that Cruyff brought to Barca really captivated me, and that love for the game has stuck with me ever since.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm into karting too? It's a different kind of thrill but adds to the excitement of life. So, there you have it - that's me, a blend of different cultures, a sports fan, a computer science major, and a lover of life's various adventures.

Carmen Chamorro


Carmen is a Nicaraguan Fulbright Grantee. She is currently pursuing a Master's in Public Policy and specializing in Social Development and Security Policy. She has experience in political management and public innovation in Latin America and has worked with youth political organizations and activists. Carmen is one of the founders of La Gente, a Latinx student organization and is currently Social Director of PSGA in the School of Public Policy.

Ishita Ramola

Ishita Ramola

Ishita Ramola is a junior undergraduate student majoring in Information Science. She is thrilled to be a part of the International Student Advisory Board. Her  intentions are to serve with any kinds of issues or difficulties international students may face. Her passion lies in creating a positive impact on the lives of others and fostering harmonious environments. 

Mohamed Elnoor


Mohamed is a PhD student in the Electrical Engineering department. He is originally from Sudan, and his research focuses on robot perception and navigation. Before joining UMD, he earned his master's degree in Colorado. He has a passion for travel; it allows him to visit new places, try different foods, and most importantly, meet people from diverse backgrounds to learn about their cultures. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports like soccer and basketball.

Opeyemi Ogedengbe


Opeyemi Ogedengbe is a Ph.D. student in Nutrition Sciences at the University of Maryland (UMD). She is from Nigeria and her research interest revolves around preventing metabolic diseases. Prior to commencing her studies at UMD, She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Medical Biochemistry and Biochemistry respectively from the University of Benin. When Opeyemi is not busy with research, she enjoys meeting people, sightseeing, and watching movies. Opeyemi has served as an International Orientation Leader for International Student and Scholar Services; a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Department of Nutrition and Food Science; a Treasurer for the African Graduate Student Association; and a Volunteer participant for the Alternative Spring Break at UMD. Please feel free to contact her via LinkedIn or email at

Rustam Biswas


Rustam is a student of Finance from Kolkata, India. Prior to joining UMD, Rustam was a KVPY Research Fellow of the Govt of India at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, having worked in agricultural finance and commodity trading extensively across India.He works as the Assistant Program Manager under UMD-VPSA and in the Finance and Accounting Department of the SEED Foundation, DC. Actively involved in policymaking, Rustam works closely with administration as the senator of Finance,UMD-Senate, Student Representative to the Senate Committee on Student Affairs, SGA, RHA etc. Rustam also works close to the Maryland General Assembly serving as the 35th and first non-American Governor & Board member of the Maryland Student Legislature,Annapolis.

Saleel Anthrathodiyil


Saleel Anthrathodiyil, an MS student in Fire Protection Engineering from India, has distinguished himself as a stalwart advocate for the rights, issues, and equal opportunities of graduate and international students. His advocacy is not confined to the campus boundaries but reaches the broader University System of Maryland. His active involvement with different campus entities like ISSS & GSG and the Division of Student Affairs as an executive member, committee member, and volunteer. Among them were the DEIJ committees of the Division of Student Affairs, The University Senate, and the Clark School.

He also serves as an International Orientation Leader with the office of ISSS. One of the most significant ways Saleel can help is through his relentless advocacy. By vocalizing the unique hurdles international students face, from language barriers and cultural adjustments to the more complex issues of visa and employment legality, He believes students can influence the administrators to change policy and practice levels that can disadvantage international students. He is also interested in fostering an inclusive and welcoming campus culture by implementing programs or policies that promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice also events that celebrate multiculturalism, thereby making international students feel seen, heard, and valued.

Shashank P. Singh

Shashank Singh


Shashank is a current undergrad sophomore pursuing a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship in Technology and Corporate Innovation at the University of Maryland (UMD). As an international student hailing from Lucknow, India, he brings a unique perspective and a strong desire to contribute positively to the UMD community. As a member of ISAB, Shashank strives to create an inclusive environment for all UMD students.  By actively engaging with the international community at UMD, he aims to identify and tackle the specific issues that international students encounter, working towards fostering a stronger sense of community and belonging. He will be delighted to hear about your experiences and provide any assistance you may need. He welcomes you to reach out to him at or connect with him over LinkedIn by searching "Shashank P Singh".  

Somil Varshney

Somil Varshney

Hi there! I'm Somil, and I'm currently a sophomore pursuing a degree in computer science. I'm an international student from India however I have spent most of my life living abroad with my parents on a tiny Island off the southern coast of South Korea called Geoje. I'm super excited to be a part of the International Student Advisory Board here at the University of Maryland. This opportunity allows me to create resources and change in conjunction with the ISSS for international students like me on campus. 

Yudong Zhu 
Yudong Zhu

Hi everyone, My name is Yudong Zhu, an international student at the University of Maryland, College Park, where I'm pursuing a Master of Arts in International Relations and a Bachelor of Arts double major in Economics & Sociology. I'm deeply interested in the intersection of economics, sociology, and international relations, as demonstrated by my coursework, which includes Quantitative Political Analysis, Applied Econometrics, and Sociological Theory.

As an event coordinator with the Division of Student Affairs, I have extensive experience in planning and executing a range of events, working with numerous campus departments, student organizations, and external vendors. I've honed my skills in managing logistics, from venue booking to vendor coordination, equipment setup, and transportation.

I also serve as an Off-Campus Living Consultant, providing housing consultations for my fellow students. This involves researching housing options and conducting property tours to help clients understand their choices comprehensively.

Beyond my academic and work commitments, I'm an active member of the University of Maryland community. As a BSOS Ambassador, I represent the college positively at various events and help attract and retain students through social media. I've also taken on leadership roles, serving as a member of the International Student Advisory Board, an International student orientation leader, a Minister of the Administrative Department for the UMCP Chinese Student & Scholars Association, and as the Treasurer for the UMCP Photography Club.

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