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English Language Programs

The Washington, D.C. metro area has many English language schools. Most paid programs offer intensive and part-time study options. You can easily find a wide range of English programs by searching online. Here are some resources to facilitate your language learning journey. 

  • Maryland English Institute (MEI)
    The Maryland English Institute (MEI) provides postsecondary English language instruction for speakers of other languages who wish to learn English for academic, professional, or personal reasons.
  • English Conversation Partners Program (ECP)
    ECP is a co-curricular opportunity for UMD English language learners interested in advancing their oral proficiency. This ISSS-sponsored program fosters cultural exchange through English conversation. It is open to English language learners of all levels and is led by facilitators volunteering their time for ten weeks every semester. During the group sessions, participants practice their speaking skills through discussions on various topics and other activities planned by the facilitators. 
  • Prince George's County Community College Adult Education
    Prince George's Community College, a public institution around 15 miles from College Park, offers adult English classes, which are free or require a small fee.
  • Montgomery County Public Schools Adult Education
    Maryland’s Montgomery County offers affordable adult English language classes in locations near our campus.
  • EnGen
    An English language learning platform developed by a UMD alumna is free to all UMD community members. This online tool provides English lessons via individual self-study activities and virtual group lectures on an integrated video-call feature. 


Please note: F-2 adult dependents are only authorized to study part-time and are only allowed to study recreationally. If you have any questions, please contact International Student and Scholar Services at (301) 314-7740. J-2 and H-4 dependents are allowed to study full-time.

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