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J-1 Interns/Trainees Placement Plans

The department must fully complete the Training/Internship Placement Plan (T/IPP), Form DS-7002, for each intern/trainee.

Because the T/IPP will be reviewed by a Consular Officer during the intern/trainee's visa interview, the T/IPP must:

  • State the specific goals and objectives of the internship program (for each phase).
  • Detail the knowledge, skills or techniques to be imparted to the intern (for each phase).
  • Provide a chronology or syllabus (for each phase)
  • Describe the methods of performance evaluation and the supervision for each phase
    Internship/training programs longer than six months must include at least two phases.

The department must also obtain the requisite signatures for each T/IPP for each student intern. The department must provide each signatory an executed copy of the T/IPP. A DS-2019 cannot be issued by ISSS until the department has completed and secured the requisite signatures on the T/IPP.

*If there are changes to the internship at any time, the Department must notify ISSS as soon as possible as an update T/IPP may need to be completed.

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