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H-1B Processing Times

Departments should submit H-1B requests to ISSS six months in advance of the H-1B worker's intended start date.

Action Authority Processing Time
Department submits visa request in iTerp Employee completes e-forms for data collection Department/Employee 1 - 3 weeks
ISSS conducts a prevailing wage determination ISSS 2 - 3 weeks
ISSS files a Labor Condition Application electronically and posts the LCA U.S. Department of Labor 7 business days
Department prepares letters of support and requests checks from Working Fund Department Varies
ISSS files the H-1B petition OR ISSS files the H-1B I-129 petition with premium processing U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 2 - 4 months OR USCIS will respond within 15 days after receiving the H-1B petition
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