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Fulbright Scholars

Maryland's participation in the Fulbright Scholars program, both as a sending and receiving institution, underscores our long tradition of fostering global engagement and cultivating a rich scholarly environment. Since the program’s inception following WWII, more than 300 of our faculty have earned Fulbright awards. In the 2023-2024 academic year, seven faculty members received a Fulbright award.

#FearlessFulbrights at Maryland

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Dr. Nadine Sayhoun with her students in Lebanon.
UMD Professor Dr. Nadine Sayhoun poses with students during her 2009 Fulbright to Lebanon.
Visiting Fulbright scholar Dr. Vagionas pictured with students in their team's lab.
Visiting Fulbright Scholar Dr. Vagionas pictured with students in their team's lab.
Visiting Fulbright scholar Dr. Olga Gresko, poses with the dean of the Philip Merrill School of Journalism, Rafael Lorente.
Visiting Fulbright Scholar Dr. Olga Gresko poses with the Dean of the Philip Merrill School of Journalism, Dr. Rafael Lorente.
UMD education professor Dr. De La Paz poses with her Fulbright students in Vietnam.
UMD Education Professor Dr. De La Paz pictured with her Fulbright students in Vietnam.
Dr. Elvira Barkhatova, visiting Fulbright scholar, poses with her cohort in Washington, D.C.
Dr. Elvira Barkhatova, visiting Fulbright Scholar, poses with her cohort in Washington, D.C.

Meet Some of Our Outgoing Scholars

At Maryland, we’re proud to be recognized as a top-producer of Fulbright U.S. Scholars by the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Since our first participant John Cover traveled to India as an economics scholar in 1952, we have not only sent hundreds of our own overseas, but also welcomed just as many visiting scholars to Maryland as an internationally recognized research institution. Whether domestic or international, our faculty is Fearlessly Global

Dr. Kate Spanos dances with locals during her Fulbright in Brazil.

Dr. Kate Spanos

Dr. Kate Spanos has spent her career breaking the boundaries of dance scholarship in the U.S., Ireland, the East Caribbean, and most notably, Brazil during her 2018 Fulbright.

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Dr. Virginia Haufler headshot.

Dr. Virginia Haufler

Oh, Canada! Hosted by the McGill Institute, GVPT professor Dr. Virginia Haufler spent the 22-23 AY in Montreal exploring the ideological influence of the U.S. on our northern neighbor.

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Dr. Elisabeth Maring headshot.

Dr. Elisabeth Maring

Meet Dr. Elisabeth Maring, professor of public health. She traveled to Varanasi in India on a Fulbright scholarship in 2006 to teach at Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith University (MGKVP).

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Dr. De La Paz takes a selfie with a student.

Dr. Susan De La Paz

Dr. Susan De La Paz has spent her career working towards equitable outcomes for students with learning disabilities, and in 2022, she took her work to Vietnam on a Fulbright scholarship.

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Dr. Christopher Foreman headshot.

Dr. Christopher Foreman

In 2008, Christopher Foreman, long-time School of Public Policy (SPP) professor, traveled to Armenia, where he worked closely with masters’ candidates at the American University of Armenia—delving deep into the historic election of Barack Obama, American life, and the knitty-gritty of U.S. policy.

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Dr. Kenneth Leonard poses on campus at Ashesi University during his Fulbright in Ghana.

Dr. Kenneth Leonard

Dr. Kenneth Leonard saw a need for international collaboration in the way he taught his global AGNR course. During his Fulbright to Ghana in 2019, Dr. Leonard collaborated with the students of Ashesi University, changing his teaching forever. 

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Dr. Valerie Orlando poses overlooking the Pyrenees.

Dr. Valerie Orlando

How many faculty do you know who’ve been on not one, not two, but three Fulbrights? For French professor Valerie K. Orlando, the world is her classroom. Her time overseas was essential to her six published titles as a humanities scholar. 

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Dr. Roberta Lavine headshot.

Dr. Roberta Lavine

Professor Emerita of Spanish Dr. Roberta Z. Lavine traveled to Chile to join forces with the faculty at the University of Concepción to transform English language education. The biggest thing she learned? Be flexible, and go along for the ride, wherever it might take you.

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A 2023-2024 Scholar Reflects:

"As a Fulbright scholar, I get to spend several months at the University of Oslo in Norway, working on an ambitious project relating the interior of Planet Venus to that of the Earth. The Fulbright Foundation made it possible for me to join a newly established Center of Excellence called PHAB, which stands for “Planetaty HABitability” and is just “PHABulous.”

Meet Some of Our Incoming Scholars

We treasure sending our own overseasbut as a #PreferredDestination to learn, conduct research and build partnerships, bringing the best to us is equally central to our mission of excellence. 

Dr. Chris Vargonias in the lab with UMD graduate students.

Dr. Chris Vagionas

"The overall hospitality of the UMD personnel was tremendous, with such a warm welcome to new visiting members, forming the frame of a fascinating experience that I will proudly promote." 

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Visiting Fulbright scholar Thabang Msimango poses in front of the American flag.

Thabang Msimango

"I have formed wonderful and valuable friendships with people from around the world here—we are making plans to visit each other in future!"

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Dr. Olga Gresko with UMD journalism students.

Dr. Olga Gresko

"Americans have impressed me with their positive thinking and ability to move on with new ideas and projects. I’m going to maintain and develop professional relationships I’ve formed via teaching, researching and other activities in future!"

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Dr. Elvira Barkhatova stands outside of the capitol.

Dr. Elvira Barkhatova

"I can say that I was unbelievably lucky to have met so many great people at the Department of Linguistics and beyond." 

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Dr. Noura Bouchikhi and her team at UMD.

Dr. Noura Bouchikhi

"Colleagues and university staff welcomed me with open arms, offering support and guidance to help me explore new techniques and expand my knowledge. This experience has been truly amazing, both professionally and personally."

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Visiting Fulbright scholar Dr. Kamal Khan being interviewed.

Dr. Kamal Khan

"As an exchange fellow, I am not only sharing my Pakistani culture with my American colleagues, but I am also learning so many things from American society which I will share with my students and colleagues in Pakistan. On my return I will be a transformed leader, connected with the international community."

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A 2023-2024 Scholar Reflects:

"The Fulbright Program in Japan (the U.S.-Japan Education Committee) welcomed me with open arms. It has an excellent support system and I can engage in research using all the facilities that the hosting Japanese university provides me with without having to worry about anything. This is a great opportunity for any researcher!"

How to Fulbright at Maryland

Are you a U.S. student looking to engage with the world to pursue international interests? Begin your journey by exploring the Fulbright options available for globally-oriented U.S. students.


Opportunities for U.S. Students

Non-U.S. citizen students wishing to apply for a Fulbright grant in order to come to the University of Maryland should contact the Fulbright Commission in their home country, which is oftentimes housed at the U.S. Embassy there.


Opportunities for Non-U.S. Citizen Students

The best known of the Fulbright programs is the Fulbright Scholars program, aimed at higher education faculty, administrators, and professionals with international research opportunities. In addition, there are a wide sweep of other programs available to engage in global teaching and research. For guidance and advice, contact the campus liaison for U.S. faculty, staff, and post-doc Fulbright programs at


Opportunities for U.S. Faculty, Professionals and Post-Docs

Non-U.S. citizen educators and professionals interested in a Fulbright grant to the University of Maryland should contact the Fulbright Commission in their home country.


Opportunities for Non-U.S. Educators and Professionals
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