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Logging into iTerp

iTerp is an online self-service portal for international students, scholars and employees that allows documentation to be submitted securely to the ISSS office.

  1. Log in to iTerp under the box titled I Have Not Setup My UMD Directory ID or it is Inactive

    The main login page for iTerp

  2. Sign in with your University ID (9 digit number), Date of Birth, and iTerp Pin*.

*If you don't know your PIN you can have it sent to you via email. When requesting your iTerp Pin enter the email address you've used to communicate with the University. The PIN will be sent immediately to that email address.‚Äč

Link for iTerp pin

Log in to iTerp and click the login button under the box titled I Have an Active UMD Directory ID. You will be directed to the UMD CAS page to enter your UMD Directory ID and password. 

iTerp CAS login button

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