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Maryland Global News

  • Julia Eisen's semester with Maryland-in-Rome

    "Journalism majors can study abroad!!! It's advised by the college to not study abroad because there are very limited programs that have any sort of media or journalism classes, but if you plan ahead of time, you can still study abroad."

  • Samantha Fielder's exchange with SKEMA Business School

    "Studying abroad is not easy or cheap and that's the truth, but it is not impossible."

  • It's Personal: Facilitating International Student Athlete Career Development Through Global Partnerships

    The year 2020 will forever be remembered as a monumental period in world history. From mask mandates and curfews to the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, the ongoing global pandemic forced us to pause and make decisions based on our rapidly changing circumstances rather than relying on what had been done in the past. While we were still processing and learning from our 2020 experience, the world moved into a new calendar year. In May 2021, I experienced the most pivotal learning moment in my educational career.

  • Kislay Parashar: International Student, 2021 SGA President, Trailblazer

    Kislay Parashar became involved in student leadership at the University of Maryland as soon as he stepped foot in the U.S., becoming the Student Government Association’s international student representative at the start of his freshman year. Three years and many leadership roles later, he serves as the first international student to become SGA president in UMD history.

  • UMD & Cairo University Students Collaborate Virtually to Advance Global Food Safety

    Students, faculty and guests gathered virtually for the UMD Global Classrooms course “MIEH607: Risk Based Approach to Ensure Global Food Safety and Security” during the summer of 2021. 

  • Nick Perkins's exchange at University New South Wales

    "I thought it was so interesting to see all of the cultural differences that everyone had. However, the most fascinating part was how similar we all were."

University News

illustration of two happy people speaking through bullhorns

New Voice for a Campus 'Comunidad'

Latinx Employee Association Will Offer Support, Advocacy for UMD’s Latinx Faculty and Staff
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members of the Sugar Hill Sisterhood

The Sweetest Connection

From College Park to the Caribbean, Sugar Hill Sisterhood Celebrates 50th Gathering
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Bill Fourney pictured through plexiglass

A Peek Inside… Professor Emeritus Bill Fourney’s Office

Engineer Explains How Collection of Exploded Objects Enhances Teaching
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