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Maryland Global News

  • Amanda Radko on UMD-Summer: Spain

    "I navigated two new cities/towns and a whole new culture, while taking two classes and living with strangers."

  • Isabel Layton's semester with Maryland-in-Copenhagen

    "I gained a new confidence in my ability to complete what I want in life, even when it is difficult."

  • What My First 24 Hours in Dublin Taught Me About Problem Solving in the Workplace

    If I’m being completely honest, I felt doomed during my first 24 disastrous hours in Ireland. The day was full of stressors that gave me the impression that maybe I wasn’t cut out to be on my own. Above all, I realized that talking about studying abroad and actually going abroad are two entirely different things. In retrospect, this needed to happen, and everything that took place on that first day allowed me to build my confidence from the ground up. 

  • Isabelle Mamet on UMD-Summer: Thailand (CCJS/MLAW)

    "This class was designed to inform students not only on the types of human trafficking occurring in Thailand but also the consequences of it and reactions to it. When I first heard of this class, I knew I had to enroll so I could get the chance to apply my knowledge in Criminology and Criminal Justice to a real world issue such as human trafficking."

  • Josephine Fallon on UMD-Summer: France

    "Try to balance your background with understanding cultural differences and being flexible."

  • Maryland-in-Florence (PHYS) Displays Successful International Collaboration and Enriching STEM Curriculum Abroad

    Maryland-in-Florence (PHYS), with its careful academic design including visits to physics facilities across Europe, stands as an increasingly successful Education Abroad program founded in collaboration with ISI Florence, a strong institution partner overseas.

University News

illustration of two happy people speaking through bullhorns

New Voice for a Campus 'Comunidad'

Latinx Employee Association Will Offer Support, Advocacy for UMD’s Latinx Faculty and Staff
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members of the Sugar Hill Sisterhood

The Sweetest Connection

From College Park to the Caribbean, Sugar Hill Sisterhood Celebrates 50th Gathering
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Bill Fourney pictured through plexiglass

A Peek Inside… Professor Emeritus Bill Fourney’s Office

Engineer Explains How Collection of Exploded Objects Enhances Teaching
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