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Maryland Global News

  • Global Learning at UMD: Reflections from Alum Angie Lee

    Using several programs under the Office of International Affairs as stepping stones to engage with her immediate international community, Angie Lee found friends, leadership and growth that characterized her undergraduate student experience. 

  • How This UMD Alum Brought Soul Food to Mexico City: A Conversation with Tiara Darnell

    The sound is unmistakable—a grumbling putter followed by screeching breaks and a reluctant idle: the mailman is here, and Tiara Darnell ‘11 is running to her mailbox. In the carrier’s hand is her gateway to the rest of the world, coming in the form of an international postcard from her father. Growing up in a military family is not without its challenges, but for Darnell, these childhood afternoons waiting for the postman were the origins of a global fascination that would take her all over the world. 

  • A Tale of Two Hemispheres

    As an agricultural and resource economics student, Phia Krygowski wanted to expand her global perspective of agribusiness as she prepared for her final semester at the University of Maryland. Environmental Science & Technology student Nicholas Olson wanted to see real life examples of conservation in action.

  • UMD to Train and Mentor Ph.D. Students from Select African Universities

    The University of Maryland has joined the Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund (Rsif) as an International Partner Institution (IPI), where it will offer internship opportunities for visiting doctoral students to train, conduct research, and build capacity to innovate when they return to Africa.

  • Aliya Loney's semester with Maryland-in-Rome

    "I was able to make lots of new friendships and talk to people I may not have been able to interact with before. I expanded my social network greatly as I met people from all over the world and also a lot of students from UMD that I may not met without study abroad!"

  • Aidan Goldenberg-Hart's semester with USAC Chile

    "I lived with a host family and dedicated most of my coursework to learning Spanish and it fully paid off. I speak Spanish comfortably now after my four immersive months in Chile and traveling around South America."

University News

illustration of two happy people speaking through bullhorns

New Voice for a Campus 'Comunidad'

Latinx Employee Association Will Offer Support, Advocacy for UMD’s Latinx Faculty and Staff
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members of the Sugar Hill Sisterhood

The Sweetest Connection

From College Park to the Caribbean, Sugar Hill Sisterhood Celebrates 50th Gathering
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Bill Fourney pictured through plexiglass

A Peek Inside… Professor Emeritus Bill Fourney’s Office

Engineer Explains How Collection of Exploded Objects Enhances Teaching
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