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Maryland Global News

  • Katherine Badia's semester with Maryland-in-Barcelona

    "Before this experience, I did not have a particular passion for global affairs. Studying abroad not only provided me with a comprehensive understanding of Spanish history and politics but also instilled in me a profound appreciation for international politics."

  • Alyssa Taylor's year on exchange in South Korea

    "Increased Korean language skills will help me in my academic and professional career as my minor is in Korean studies and I want to become a foreign service officer so language skills are important in my career."

  • Antoinette Uzamere semester with Maryland-in-Florence (ARCH)

    "The ease of access to countries with different cultures allowed me to grow my respect for people who are different than me and also see how it compares to other cultures by experiencing it. With this new knowledge, I believe it will help me understand and relate to people who are different than me in an easier way in the future work place."

  • Gabrielle Jacques's semester with Arts & Humanities-in-London

    "I learned how to communicate better, make new friends, problem solve, plan and organize my days better, try new things and overall it increased my love of travel and adventure. Professionally I worked in my first internship at a Public Relations firm in the city and learned so much about the industry from a global perspective."

  • Logan Glauser's semester on exchange in Denmark

    "I was put into this new environment with a different culture and I loved it. It was so interesting to be able to live there and see the culture of the people both physically represented and through the surroundings in terms of architecture and deliberate choices for academics and such."

  • Incoming Terps Meetup in Pune, India: Destination UMD

    Incoming undergraduate students from Pune, India, share their experiences planning a meetup ahead of their arrival to the University of Maryland.

University News

person snuggles with ghost dog

Study: Grieving Pet Owners Comforted by ‘Supernatural’ Interactions

From Phantom Footsteps to Doggy Dreams, Information Studies Professor Analyzes Ghostly Encounters
View Article Study: Grieving Pet Owners Comforted by ‘Supernatural’ Interactions
rain falls on plant

As Climate Change Progresses, New Rainfall Patterns Affect Plants Worldwide

UMD-Led Study Found Fewer, Bigger Downpours Benefit Some Plants, Burden Others
View Article As Climate Change Progresses, New Rainfall Patterns Affect Plants Worldwide
campus leaders clap on stage during Chemistry Building Dedication

New Chemistry Building Dedicated

Facility to Serve as Hub for Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Nanoscience and Sustainability Research
View Article New Chemistry Building Dedicated
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