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Maryland Global News

  • Meredith McVadon's semester with Maryland-in-Buenos Aires

    "Study abroad allows you to grow, learn, and understand others in a unique way that your home university can't offer. It can be intimidating, expensive, and seen as "unnecessary," but it is possible and within your reach if you are committed to making it happen."

  • Nikita Mutter on UMD-Winter: Cuba (GVPT)

    "This study abroad trip to Cuba changed my life. I have traveled to Europe before, but never to a communist country. It was incredible meeting people who have lived through very turbulent times and have continued to prosper. This trip allowed me to really appreciate the small things that I take for granted in the USA, like using a debit card, having access to the internet, and the freedom of speech."

  • Faith Ensor on UMD-Winter: India (HLTH)

    "I think the biggest takeaway that I gained from this experience was being able to make such meaningful connections with Dr. Howard, the other students on the trip and the professors at Manipal Edu. Their friendship and genuine interest for exploring Indian culture made the trip worthwhile, and the educators in India were so passionate about their fields of study."

  • Tumi Akin-Sodipo's two winter terms in Singapore and Taiwan

    "Study abroad is possible for ALL MAJORS. It is possible for you to dedicate a semester to a study abroad program, if not, a winter/summer program. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and everyone should take advantage of it while you can."

  • Zoe Zavrotny's exchange semester at University College Dublin

    "I took full advantage of being in Ireland and took all classes related to Irish history and writing. I really believe that my time here helped me really figure out what I want to do with my future. If I hadn't come here, I would've never truly known how much I enjoyed Irish literature, and that I'd like to make it part of my future career."

  • Braden Hause's engineering exchange at Technical University of Denmark

    "Sometimes you just want to stay home and lay in bed if you cannot find anyone to go on an adventure with, but that shouldn't stop you from exploring the world, even if it is alone."

University News

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The Sweetest Connection

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A Peek Inside… Professor Emeritus Bill Fourney’s Office

Engineer Explains How Collection of Exploded Objects Enhances Teaching
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