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Maryland Global News

  • Sedric White on UMD-Winter: India (HLTH)

    "A skill I gained while in India was the ability to connect with people from the region on a deeper level - especially those who live in the US now. Meaning, I am able to relate to those whose lineage comes from the area which is important for my future in a diverse work environment."

  • Rachel Reed's semester with Maryland-in-Rome

    "Studying abroad was the best decision I've ever made! It helped me step out of my comfort zone and become more confident in myself."

  • Katherine Badia's semester with Maryland-in-Barcelona

    "Before this experience, I did not have a particular passion for global affairs. Studying abroad not only provided me with a comprehensive understanding of Spanish history and politics but also instilled in me a profound appreciation for international politics."

  • Alyssa Taylor's year on exchange in South Korea

    "Increased Korean language skills will help me in my academic and professional career as my minor is in Korean studies and I want to become a foreign service officer so language skills are important in my career."

  • Antoinette Uzamere semester with Maryland-in-Florence (ARCH)

    "The ease of access to countries with different cultures allowed me to grow my respect for people who are different than me and also see how it compares to other cultures by experiencing it. With this new knowledge, I believe it will help me understand and relate to people who are different than me in an easier way in the future work place."

  • Gabrielle Jacques's semester with Arts & Humanities-in-London

    "I learned how to communicate better, make new friends, problem solve, plan and organize my days better, try new things and overall it increased my love of travel and adventure. Professionally I worked in my first internship at a Public Relations firm in the city and learned so much about the industry from a global perspective."

University News

illustration of two happy people speaking through bullhorns

New Voice for a Campus 'Comunidad'

Latinx Employee Association Will Offer Support, Advocacy for UMD’s Latinx Faculty and Staff
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members of the Sugar Hill Sisterhood

The Sweetest Connection

From College Park to the Caribbean, Sugar Hill Sisterhood Celebrates 50th Gathering
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Bill Fourney pictured through plexiglass

A Peek Inside… Professor Emeritus Bill Fourney’s Office

Engineer Explains How Collection of Exploded Objects Enhances Teaching
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