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Maintaining Status (J-1 Scholar)

J-1 scholars at University of Maryland usually are admitted in one of the following J-1 categories: (your category is indicated in item #4 of your DS-2019).

  • Researcher
  • Professor
  • Short-term scholar

As a J-1 Exchange Visitor, it is important to maintain your J-1 immigration status.

  • Engage only in the approved activities at the authorized location for which the DS-2019 was issued.
  • Maintain required documentation
    • Valid DS-2019
    • Valid passport
    • Valid entry stamp and I-94 record with class of admission as J-1 and “Duration of Status” or “D/S”
  • Maintain the required level of health insurance coverage for yourself and your dependents.
  • Report address and name changes to ISSS within 10 days of the change or move using UMD Testudo.
  • Your absence, while traveling outside of the U.S., must be brief and must not constitute a break in activities. Absences of less than or equal to 30 days do not break continuity.
  • 30 day grace period: Following the completion of their program, the period defined on the Form DS-2019, the Citizenship and Immigration Service (CIS) allows participants a 30-day travel period commonly referred to as the "Grace Period." During this 30-day grace period, participants are no longer in J-visa status, and are under the jurisdiction of CIS. CIS grants this period to allow participants to settle their affairs and to prepare to return to their home countries. Program participants may no longer continue and/or complete exchange activities, nor may they work. Although participants may travel in the United States, it is recommended that they do not travel beyond the borders of the United States as they may not be permitted reentry.
  • If you will be departing the University of Maryland 15 days or more before the end date on the Form DS-2019, you must contact your department so they can submit the early termination notice to ISSS via iTerp.
  • Your family's immigration status depends solely on your J-1 status.  Report your dependent’s change of address, email or phone number through iTerp.
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