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J-1 Application Process

The process of requesting a J-1 DS-2019 begins when an academic department decides to sponsor a foreign national for an exchange visitor program.  Departments will find below a step-by-step description of the process for sponsoring a J-1 exchange visitor (EV) in the following categories: Research Scholar, Short-term Scholar, Professor or Specialist categories.

You may find the Data Collection Form and the J-1 Checklist helpful in beginning this process. 

Step 1:  Export Compliance Office 

Step 2: Faculty Affairs 

  • Prepare Professional Track Faculty agreement/contract
  • Review academic credentials for eligibility

Step 3: PHR

  1. Department creates PHR record including
    • Export Screening 
    • Employee Biographical Information
    • Education
    • Paid or non paid appointment
  2. Department routes PHR appointment for approval to VP/Provost
  3. ISSS will only issue the J-1 DS-2019 form after the appointment has gone through proper approval channels and routes to ISSS.  ISSS will hold the appointment.

Step 4: The Department submits a J-1 Request in iTerp

  1. Complete the “J-1 Request for Immigration Sponsorship. The following will help the departments create the request. 

*Training is required before access is granted to iTerp. To schedule training, please contact Siemy Khan, VP/Provost

  1. ISSS will check to see that the appointment has been approved and the start date is feasible. 
  2. ISSS approves the e-form, granting access to department e-forms. 
  3. Department completes e-forms and gives Scholar access to iTerp
  4. Scholar completes e-forms

  5. Department is notified the scholar has completed the e-forms and the department submits the request to ISSS for review.

  6. ISSS reviews request and issues J-1 DS-2019

Upon receiving the request, ISSS will review and determine eligibility. If the EV  is eligible, ISSS will prepare and issue a J-1 DS-2019. Processing of DS-2019 form can take approximately two weeks. ISSS will notify the department when the form is ready.  

Step 5: J1 DS-2019 is issued & EV applies for visa

  • Once the exchange visitor receives the DS-2019 form they will:
  • Review the DS-2019 for errors
  • Pay the SEVIS fee of $220 online, at least five days before the visa interview
  • Complete the DS-160 visa application form
  • Schedule and appear at visa appointment at the US Embassy/Consulate by selecting the region
  • The US embassy will issue a visa stamp in EV’s passport. Visa wait times vary from country to country. Some visitors go through additional clearance called Administrative Processing which adds 3-4 weeks to the visa application process. If administrative processing is not required, ISSS estimates an average of one month for a visitor to book a visa appointment, receive the visa, and make travel and housing arrangements for his or her stay in the U.S.
  • ISSS will invite the EV to a pre-arrival orientation. Pre-arrival Orientations are held monthly.
  • EV will be granted access to pre-arrival videos on housing, insurance and the visa application process

Step 6: EV enters U.S. and arrives on campus

When the EV arrives to campus, they must complete the check in process within 30 days of their program start date as listed below:

  1. J-1 Exchange Visitors must report to the hosting department for human resources and payroll processing and check-in with their faculty host. 
  2. The administrative contact in the department should provide visitors their Faculty Identification number (FID) and UID 
  3. Documents Check: Exchange Visitors are required to submit their immigration documents electronically in iTerp.  This is a requirement of the Department of State (DOS). The following documents are required for the check-in:
  4. Appointment approval: ISSS reviews check-in documents, validates J-1 records in SEVIS and approves PHR appointments.
  5. Orientation: Exchange Visitors must attend an ISSS J-1 scholar orientation session. ISSS hosts J-1 Scholar orientation every other Thursday at 10:00 am, except holidays. A link to register will be emailed to the scholar upon approval of their check-in documents.
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