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Lead a Study Abroad Program

We partner with faculty in every college on campus to develop innovative programs that provide students of all disciplines with valuable international experience. 

Maryland-led Programs

Maryland-led programs are 1-8 week faculty-led study abroad experiences during winter, spring break, or summer. Students typically earn 3-6 credits while completing rigorous coursework in a global setting. As students are sometimes deterred from studying abroad for an entire semester, Maryland-led programs provide greater access to opportunities for experiential learning in another country. Explore the current Maryland-led programs to see the variety of disciplines and program structures integrated into these international experiences. 

Since 2011:

Faculty-led programs run
Countries represented
Sponsoring departments EA has partnered with

Education Abroad runs study abroad programs during every academic term that are led by Maryland faculty, who play a crucial role in these programs’ design and delivery. As a faculty director of a Maryland study abroad program, you work with EA staff to develop and lead a program that provides students with international experiences that will help them to explore their interests, expand their cultural comfort zones, and develop both academically and professionally.

Developing and Proposing a Maryland Program Abroad

If you are interested in developing and leading a new Maryland-led Program, please review our Proposal Guide for more information. EA releases an annual call for proposals at the end of the year for Winter, Spring Break, and Summer programs. Proposals must be submitted by March 1 for consideration. For general short-term program inquiries please e-mail us at If you have specific questions, please reach out to the appropriate EA Program Manager. Meet your EA partners below!

Headshot of Zhana Welch

Zhana Welch

301-405-0596 |

Colleges & Schools: 

  • ARHU
  • INFO

Maryland-in Programs: 

  • Arts & Humanities-in-London
  • Maryland-in-Nice
  • Maryland-in-Sevilla
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Now hiring

Colleges & Schools: 

  • BSOS
  • EDUC
  • JOUR
  • SPHL
  • UGST - IAP & AAP

Maryland-in Programs:

  • Maryland-in-Barcelona
  • Maryland-in-Rome
Headshot of Sally Roberts

Sally Roberts

301-405-7917 |

Colleges & Schools: 

  • AGNR
  • ARCH
  • CMNS

Maryland-in Programs:

  • Maryland-in-Florence
  • Maryland-in-Perugia
Headshot of Kelsey Prima

Kelsey Prima

301-405-5747 |

Colleges & Schools: 

  • PLCY
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Katherine Schwarzentraub

301-405-5747 | 

Colleges & Schools: 

  • ENGR
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Rachel McCloud

301-405-5747 | 

Colleges & Schools: 

  • BMGT

Maryland-In Programs

Maryland-in programs are semester- or year-long study abroad experiences designed by our office in collaboration with UMD academic units and partners abroad. Each program is led by UMD faculty or a UMD-affiliated resident director and combines the benefits of an immersion experience with added on-site support. Learn more about current Maryland-in programs to see the variety of disciplines and locations for these international experiences.

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