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Maryland Global News

  • Rachel Harvey's semester with Clark-in-Madrid

    "I learned that I'm more confident and independent than I knew - even in a foreign language. My interpersonal and Spanish skills improved so much in my time in Madrid, and I met some incredible professors and peers from Italy, Brazil, Croatia, France, and even Korea."

  • Ricky Bailey's semester at sea

    "As I traveled the world, I began to realize how overwhelmingly little I actually knew about the rest of the world and all of this incoming information was helping to provide me with added perspective and has thusly made me more well-rounded."

  • Alexis Foley on UMD-Winter: Ghana (CHSE)

    "From our visits to four institutions in Ghana as well as working alongside our partners at the University of Cape Coast, I learned what it means to mold systems that are unique to any given cultural context. I learned that it is important to have multiple perspectives and be able to see through different lenses in order to truly be a global practitioner."

  • Alexander Pollack's exchange semester in Hong Kong

    Don't be afraid to branch out. At Maryland, you know where people similar to yourself tend to hang out so many people surround themselves with like-minded individuals. That absolutely wasn't the case for me in Hong Kong so I ended up spending time with people I had little to nothing in common with other than we liked to explore and have fun.

  • Teressa Ferraro's terms in Ecuador and Argentina

    "After you spend six weeks not speaking English hardly at all, it's actually hard to adjust back! But more than just the basics of language, because of being disabled I really had to learn to communicate in a more nuanced way in Spanish so I could communicate what I needed to do and not do."

  • Joshua Land's engineering exchange at Universidad Politecnica Valencia

    "Personally, this experience was eye opening; I realized just how similar people are on the individual level, yet how different they are on a cultural level."

University News

person snuggles with ghost dog

Study: Grieving Pet Owners Comforted by ‘Supernatural’ Interactions

From Phantom Footsteps to Doggy Dreams, Information Studies Professor Analyzes Ghostly Encounters
View Article Study: Grieving Pet Owners Comforted by ‘Supernatural’ Interactions
rain falls on plant

As Climate Change Progresses, New Rainfall Patterns Affect Plants Worldwide

UMD-Led Study Found Fewer, Bigger Downpours Benefit Some Plants, Burden Others
View Article As Climate Change Progresses, New Rainfall Patterns Affect Plants Worldwide
campus leaders clap on stage during Chemistry Building Dedication

New Chemistry Building Dedicated

Facility to Serve as Hub for Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Nanoscience and Sustainability Research
View Article New Chemistry Building Dedicated
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