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Wide-angle view of McKeldin Library with lens flare.


Maryland Global News

  • Teressa Ferraro's terms in Ecuador and Argentina

    "After you spend six weeks not speaking English hardly at all, it's actually hard to adjust back! But more than just the basics of language, because of being disabled I really had to learn to communicate in a more nuanced way in Spanish so I could communicate what I needed to do and not do."

  • Joshua Land's engineering exchange at Universidad Politecnica Valencia

    "Personally, this experience was eye opening; I realized just how similar people are on the individual level, yet how different they are on a cultural level."

  • Kerri Simmons on UMD-Winter: Australia and New Zealand​ (CPSP/HONR)

    "My best advice is that if you are given the opportunity to study abroad, take it!! I was very hesitant at first about going abroad, but it ended up being an invaluable experience I will never forget. I loved everything about my experience- from learning about the culture to getting to know the other students in my program."

University News

illustration of two happy people speaking through bullhorns

New Voice for a Campus 'Comunidad'

Latinx Employee Association Will Offer Support, Advocacy for UMD’s Latinx Faculty and Staff
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members of the Sugar Hill Sisterhood

The Sweetest Connection

From College Park to the Caribbean, Sugar Hill Sisterhood Celebrates 50th Gathering
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Bill Fourney pictured through plexiglass

A Peek Inside… Professor Emeritus Bill Fourney’s Office

Engineer Explains How Collection of Exploded Objects Enhances Teaching
View Article A Peek Inside… Professor Emeritus Bill Fourney’s Office
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