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Proof of Financial Resources

To obtain your I-20 or DS-2019 Form, you must show you have the financial resources to support your academic year. The funding must meet or exceed the estimated cost of attendance.

Types of Funding

  • Personal: Funding listed in your own name (not a friend or family member’s name).
  • Other Funding: Family/Friend Sponsorship, Government/Corporate Funding, Approved Loan. (F-1 students are not permitted to be the financial sponsors for other F-1 students)
  • University: Assistantship, Fellowships, Scholarships, and Stipends given by UMD. Students usually receive this funding from the department in which they are studying.

Click here to view an estimated cost of attendance.   This is an estimate of your tuition, fees, and living expenses for one year. Your academic department is able to give you the best estimate of your tuition.

If you plan to bring your dependent(s), you will need to show you have $5,000 in funding for each dependent.

If you have University funding, use this calculator to determine if you will need to show Personal or Other Funding.

Based on the Letter Received:

  • Choose Your Program of Study
  • Select whether you have received an Assistantship, Fellowship or Both
  • Select the level of Tuition Remission (select “Other” if you have an exact funding amount for tuition).
  • Enter Total Scholarship Amount from any Fellowship (enter numbers only, no comas or dollar signs)
  • Enter the Total Stipend Amount from the Graduate Assistantship (enter numbers only, no comas or dollar signs)
  • Enter the number of dependents you plan to join you.
  • Click Submit to see how much you still need to show, if anything.

Please note that we cannot accept funding amounts that are not guaranteed.

If you need an estimate for less than 12 months, contact an ISSS Student Advisor.

UMD charges international students who we issue an I-20/DS-2019 to, a per term fee. The fee helps us provide academic and cultural activities and events to support you and your dependents. The per semester fee is $125. The fee for 12-week academic programs is $62.50 per term.

Personal/Other Funding

Accepted Funding Documents

Non-Accepted Funding Documents

If you submit a funding document in the name of a family member or friend, you must submit a sponsorship letter. The letter must be in English, or have an attached translation into English. It must state that they are providing you the money for your education expenses.

If your sponsor lives outside the United States, your family member or friend needs to complete and sign the Letter of Sponsorship .

If your sponsor lives in the United States, your family member or friend needs to complete the U.S. Government Form I-134. Affidavit of Support.

 - Checking account

 - Savings account

 - Any type of term deposit account that matures before the start of the school year (RD, FD, CD, etc.)

 - UMD Assistantship, Fellowships, Scholarships, and Stipends letter 

- Approved Loan Letters (See requirements)

- Approved Government/Corporate Scholarships

 - Solvency certificates

 - Bank letters that do not provide a current balance

 - Property

 - Pension

 - Provident funds

 - Mutual funds

 - Stock shares

 - Trust funds

 - Any type of term deposit account that matures after the start of the school year (RD, FD, CD, etc.)

 - F-1 student sponsoring another F-1 student

You may only upload a scan or image of three sources of funding in total to iTerp. For example: 2 bank accounts and 1 fixed deposit. We understand that you may need to condense several accounts.
We must be able to clearly read the scan or image and it must:

  • Be in English or a certified translation to English with the original document provided;
  • Be dated within the past 3 months;
  • State the name of the account holder(s);
  • Show the account number (at least the last few digits);
  • Show type of the account;
  • Show the current balance/total amount of money in the account;
  • State the currency if not in US dollars;
  • A maturity date if the account is any type of term deposit account;
  • Be accessible to the student immediately

Approved Loan Letters must include: 

  • Confirmation of approval*: No loan applications or loans in pending or conditional status
  • Name of the loan recipient must match your name or your designated sponsor
  • Date loan is approved (Loan approval must not be older than 3 months)
  • Terms of the loan
  • Date of loan disbursement (specified semester/year is acceptable)
  • Amount of the approved (loan must cover one year of funding)
  • Must be stamped or certified by the lending institution
  • Must be in English or a certified translation to English with the original document provided

*Confirmation of loan approval

  • No loan applications accepted
  • No loans in pending status accepted
  • No provisions allowed (examples include but are not limited to GPA/Major requirements)
  • If conditionally approved, the only acceptable disbursement condition is issuance of the I-20 and/or  F-1 visa.

Below we provide ways you can find scholarships and loans, as well as other resources that may be helpful. 

Key reminders

  • It is important to understand that no list of scholarships is comprehensive.
  • The University of Maryland does not keep a centralized list of scholarship information. You should contact your department for information and deadlines.
  • As international students you may not qualify for all opportunities. Be sure to check the eligibility of the scholarship/loan before you apply.

Where to look?

Contact your college/school or academic department

Your academic department or major may offer scholarships specific to UMD students. They may have requirements and deadlines set by the donors of the funds. Also, ask your professors and follow your department's social media. They may alert you to opportunities outside of UMD.

Campus Resources

  • Read the entire application. Do you meet the eligibility requirements? If not, do not apply.
  • Does the application ask for a reference letter from a faculty or advisor? Be sure to contact your professors, and give them at least two weeks to complete the recommendation letter.
  • Does it require an essay? If yes, start early and use UMD’s resources to make it standout! (Undergraduate Writing Center ; Graduate Writing Center)
  • Submit your application by the deadline. Check on the scholarship website or application for when the organization will notify recipients.
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