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Maryland Global News

  • Chiara Sforza on UMD-Summer: Italy (ENGL)

    "I gained writing skills and knowledge about how customs and food traditions can differ in other countries. These skills will allow me to write better and also better understand and appreciate people who have different cultures from my own."

  • Caitlin McPartland's semester with CIEE

    "Go in with very few expectations, because no matter how much you plan, there will always be surprises and different outcomes..."

  • Aliya Loney's semester with Maryland-in-Rome

    "I was able to make lots of new friendships and talk to people I may not have been able to interact with before. I expanded my social network greatly as I met people from all over the world and also a lot of students from UMD that I may not met without study abroad!"

  • Rachel Reed's semester with Maryland-in-Rome

    "Studying abroad was the best decision I've ever made! It helped me step out of my comfort zone and become more confident in myself."

  • Sedric White on UMD-Winter: India (HLTH)

    "A skill I gained while in India was the ability to connect with people from the region on a deeper level - especially those who live in the US now. Meaning, I am able to relate to those whose lineage comes from the area which is important for my future in a diverse work environment."

  • Aidan Goldenberg-Hart's semester with USAC Chile

    "I lived with a host family and dedicated most of my coursework to learning Spanish and it fully paid off. I speak Spanish comfortably now after my four immersive months in Chile and traveling around South America."

University News

illustration of handshake by red and blue team politicians

Op/ed: Our Early Bonds May Explain Political Divides

Psychology Study Finds Attachment, State Culture Predict Bipartisanship in Congress
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rendering of William Edmondson Homesite

Bringing a Southern City’s Buried Black History to Light

Architecture Researcher Helps Community Group Preserve, Plan Interpretive Park at Sculptor’s Homesite
View Article Bringing a Southern City’s Buried Black History to Light
adult bald eagle flies as baby sits in nest

A Soaring Success

Bald Eagle Expert Joins Legendary Explorers Club Honorees
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