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Jazlyn Olivera's exchange semester at Keio University

Program: UMD Exchange: Keio University ​
Term: Spring 2018
Major: Elementary Education

Leaving the US to go study abroad in Japan was exhilarating because it was the first time I was alone and without any relatives nearby. 

I matured on this trip. I had to adapt and learn from my mistakes.

Advice for future #TerpsAbroad: 

The application process for study abroad is not hard. The work is more after you get accepted and have to send in your school transcript, etc. Plus, not only do you have to apply at UMD study abroad, but also the host university (at least that was my case). But it’s an easy process.

I tried everything to avoid commuting on the train during rush hour, morning and evening. 

It didn’t matter if the train looked packed as it made its stop. People pushed to get on. That was an interesting experience.

Having to deal with all the school paperwork once I arrived at my host university [was the  hardest part]. 

I would ask my new friends whether they could help me. Also, I had to register my residency in Japan, but most of the workers only spoke Japanese so that was difficult as well. I used what little Japanese I knew and it worked out great.

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